About us

'Frank' Property was established by Paul J. Stout because he is an agent who tells it like it is. There is no hiding behind 'sales' speak or setting unreasonable expectations to try and win you over.

This is agency whose brand makes very clear about the approach they will take, they will be 'frank'.

We don't need a big fancy office with large street viewing windows to do our job, so we don't have large overhead costs to pass on to you either.

There are so many real estate agencies out there, but none of them have been prepared to say we will always be 'frank' with you about a property, whether you are buying, selling or renting.

You will notice that not only does the brand itself look different to everyone else, more importantly you will find Frank Property does not fall into the same old real estate lines. Even our signboards are different, because they are no-nonsense and direct.

The results we produce tell the real story. There is a proud history of recognised achievement.

We are sure you will find our frank approach both refreshing and comforting.

Call Frank Property today on 0430 000 430.